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You can now safely and easily order my books, photos, note cards, and more (to come) directly from this website via PayPal. Use your account or your credit card.

If you have questions, please email me at cmcoim@msn.com. Subject line: Muse Website Purchase Query.


Connection with 48 Natural Contemplations

This book offers 48 moments of contemplation and meditation that follows a review of our links to nature. It is meant to help us walk in peace and respect regardless of our faith or belief system.


Seek Beauty, Find Joy: A Natural Contemplation Journal

The perfect companion to Connection with 48 Natural Contemplations, with 48 meditation prompts, each illustrated with a full color photo.


Isu Learns to Swim: The Story of a Northern Elephant Seal Pup in California

The award-winning manuscript now as a children’s book, is an excellent addition to marine education for children. A fictional story based on fact about how a northern elephant seal begins the first months of its life.


The Gathering Basket

Ghost and wicked visions haunt Annamarie Iver’s sleep. Nightmares have followed her most of her life. Now removed from chaos, Annamarie seeks the help of a Taos, NM shaman. 353 pages explores Iver’s life where she finally discovers an unimagined horror from her childhood. SALE PRICE: $5.00


Coming soon, fun and unique note cards, and other gift ideas.

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Connections with 48 Natural Contemplations

Available now at amazon.com

Seek Beauty, Find Joy–a Journal

A journal with 48 natural contemplative prompts.

Isu Learns to Swim

A children's picture book now available on amazon.com


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