Chef Rahm Fama

Santa Fe’s New Celebrity Chef

If I knew during Rahm’s skinny-cute-kid days that he’d have “people” I might have been nicer to him. I liked Rahm, but I had two lovely young teenage daughters that every overly hormonal boy in Santa Fe wanted to rub up against, making my incisors instinctively flash.

Rahm Fama Debuts on the Food Network 9/24

The Chefs Confer. Blog Update.  9/25/2010 (Above photo: Chefs Rahm Fama and Dakota Weiss discuss the feast they created for family and friends just before Rahm left to film his new Food Network program, Meat and Potatoes.)     Spouse and I stayed up way past our bedtime to watch Rahm’s Food Network debut of “Meat and Potatoes” last night.  I’m not a food show critic, so I can’t give it a critique…except that when the show was done I craved a big []

The Chef Chronicles: Chef Rahm Fama

When the same search term shows up on this blog’s statistics, I smell buzz, interest and something’s going on.  “Rahm Fama” and variations of his name, keep showing in my search engine terms.  So, I’m smelling meat. Really.  Meat.  As I reported in January   vegetarians and PETA advocates, be advised, Chef Fama, “a kid from Santa Fe,”  was under consideration for a new Food Channel program, Meat Masters.  Rahm slayed the bull and won the position.  Chef Rahm Fama  is The Meat Master and []