Chef Rahm Fama – “Vegetarians Be Advised”

ae15000c-ea97-11e3-8acf-12313d044945-mediumRahm, AKA, Chef Rahm Fama, as I noted in my August ’09 post,  is one of our kids.  He’s not biological, but we met Rahm when he was a skinny kid.

He and daughter, Chef Dakota Weiss (now executive chef Hotel Shangri-La, Santa Monica), suffered through the same Santa Fe junior high school together.  Rahm’s face was a regular at our Santa Fe home.  Sometimes things got bumpy for him, and I wanted to take that kid, and hug him until I squeezed those adolescent uglies away.

We didn’t see him much when we moved north of Santa Fe and he moved west to Las Vegas.  Then one day he showed up at our Santa Fe shop all grown up, married and with kids.  He was executive chef at Santa Fe’s La Posada where he treated us to some delightful foods.  My fave remains black pepper ice cream.  I want it now!

Life moves on and Rahm is executive chef for Vail Resorts.  His work has kept him mobile and on the road.  So much so, that I have to share h is Facebook posts:

Rahm Fama has been approached by Pietown Productions in LA to do a show about a chef who travels the world looking for the best cuts of meat. also how butcher,how to cook it and where to find it but most important the history of meat..I have done a video audition and many phone. Now i go to Hollywood for a real shoot and the see if i have what it takes for this show. Its between me and one other chef..

He’s in LA today and here’s the update:

Rahm Fama pitched the opening tag line to the director and he loved it!! “This show is rated M for MEAT vegetarians please be advised .”

Here’s the You Tube piece that may make our “kid” really famous!  And now I want some of that cheeeeese.


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