Weekend Transition at the Sunset Tower Hotel

Monday, February 19, 2007

When my mom-to-be daughter, Ocean, her husband Randy, my spouse Clif, and I boarded our Southwest Airlines flight out to LA last Friday night, I was steamed. “….uh, sometimes…uh…money trumps peace,” echoed like some maniacal politico in my head. Nothing trumps peace, or so I was taught during twelve years of parochial education. And when our commander-in-chief reveals that his alleged Christianity values dollars over peace, I get fumed. But I’m off point.

The warm Los Angeles air was the first warm air to touch our flesh in months. Upon arrival at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, chef daughter, Dakota, greeted us in the lobby, along with the rest of hotelier Jeff Klein’s friendly staff. At a cozy table for four in the Sunset Tower Bar and Restaurant—which hummed with excitement and happy diners—my bad mood bubbled away with the first bottle of champagne, family and the excitement of celebrating our growing grandchild.

The weekend was designed to celebrate, shop for baby goodies, and maternity clothing suitable for Ocean’s office and the courtroom. From Friday night’s lobster cobb salad to Sunday’s corn dog at the Santa Monica Pier, I savored watching the soon-to-be grandpa, daddy and uncle share these special moments of our family’s future firstborn. Clif finally got his g-pop’s (that will be his new name) reality check at the first baby boutique and Pottery Barn Kids. Randy may have found the perfect name for his baby while us girls fussed over professional attire for the new mom in a Santa Monica mommy’s boutique. David was excited to explore the educational toys that he promises to share with the future little Einstein, as well as some great pastries for mom and growing baby.

Today, Monday, I’m wiped out and could care less about the evil faces and words of government. My family is intact and with that I understand that peace is never trumped by money.

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