Iraq. It’s All In The Family

Monday, September 18, 2006

Iraq: It’s All in the Family

My “family” references can be confusing. So, let me explain how my “nephew” is a soldier in Iraq. Bill Munds is my late husband’s brother. Army Sgt. Jeremy Munds is Bill and his wife, Jeanne’s, youngest son. Jer, as he is often called, has returned to Iraq for a second time.

This young man’s bravery is worthy of bragging about as he serves his commitment to his uniform and now dwells in the Persian desert as his wife and two children await his safe return.

Jer is on an unusual mission this time around. His first round in Iraq was commandeering a tank after the US shocked and awed Baghdad. I hope he’s not hanging around HUMVEES or tanks any longer. Those RPGs are nasty SOBs and the Army is reluctant to purchase insurance PDQ, opting to wait five-years for a Raytheon contract to protect soldiers from incoming RPGs. That makes me want to shout, “Hey, Mr. Military Big Shot! These soldiers are not fodder. They are brave Americans who have put themselves in harm’s way for what we hope will be the greater good. Protect them at all costs!”

But my rage is not the point of this blog. Sgt. Jeremy Munds is a typical young American who volunteered to serve his country. For that he deserves all the honor due him. As Jer’s second tour of duty in Iraq progresses, I’ll report what I can.

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