Red Chili Sauce–A New Mexico Specialty

Red Chili Sauce

In Chapter Six of  my book, ”The Gathering Basket,”  Geof tells Annamarie that she makes the best red chili sauce.  I loaned her my recipe…

chili powderHangover?  Stuffy nose?  This will tame the devil.  For breakfast, serve on top of hash browns and smother in cheese.  Make up some bacon, mix in with fresh fried tortilla chips and chopped tomatoes and green onions, pour on some sauce for a breakfast to remember.

Red Chile Sauce (This is hot, especially if you use the real stuff — Chimayo Red Chili Powder)

2 cups of water
(Sometimes I substitute with chicken broth)
4 TBS. red chili powder
1 TSP of powdered cumin
1 TSP of salt
2 TSP dried oregano
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
Optional: 5 TBS of flour for thickening. Not my choice.

Mix in blender until all ingredients are smooth.  Simmer over medium heat for about 10 minutes.

Hint: Make ahead, it just gets better.

Serve on top of your favorite relleno, enchilada, nacho, or potato recipe.  We love it on fish, beef and chicken too.  Use it as a base of kick-a chili con carne.  Dip fresh fried tortillas in the sauce.


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