Mouser: A VSC in the 2-Percent Club

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am truly a VSC (Very Special Cat, for those not in the know). I’m a 2%er! That’s right! A full-on 2-percenter of the feline population that develops feline diabetes.

The thing is, I was special even before this diabetes bit. Well, I never considered me special, but my humans keep saying, “Mouser, you are very, very special!”

Here’s the tail: I smelled something stinky in my human’s body. I tried my best to make it go away. Where the stinky came from—and something the lesser beings (AKA humans) could not smell—I thought that by kneading into that part and rubbing my head against that stinky part would maybe make the smell go away. And it worked! One day my human came home with her left breast wrapped in bandages. She went to bed right after coming home, and she and I snuggled for hours while she slept. There were really weird smells around her, but the stinky was gone.

I never felt the need to rub and knead her breast again! And that’s when my human announced, “Mouser, if it wasn’t for your constant kneading into my breast and the pain that it caused, we would have never known that cancer was beginning to grow there. Thanks, Mouser.”

Whatever! I was glad the stink was gone.

Then it happened again. This time my buddy, a big yellow dog that I raised, started having a stinky belly. Oh how I kneaded and purred and rubbed my head against my dog’s furry belly. I obsessed because the stink was beyond normal dog stink. He didn’t think much of it though. I guess he was really sick. He had that cancer stuff too. It was in his belly. I miss him terribly. It took me years to get over not having that big lug to play with. I still sleep in his bed, though.

My next tail is when I started feeling strange.


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