Chef Dakota Weiss’s Sweet Onion Bisque

 Chef Dakota Weiss’s  Sweet Onion Bisque

Several blogs ago I promised that I’d send out Chef Dakota’s tasty Sweet Onion Bisque recipe. It should have been in my loose-recipes file. Wasn’t. Four or more months later, with my house up for sale and my clearing of my wonderful clutter, I FOUND THE RECIPE. And just in time for the holidays. This is a big batch of bisque that Dakota created for a cooking class. Enjoy.

Sweet Onion Bisque

2# Sweet Onion (diced large)
1 Ea. Celery Root (diced large)
1# Button Mushrooms (washed well)
2 Stocks Leek (whites only)
4 Cloves Garlic
½ Cup Olive Oil
1 Cup White Wine
1 Liter Whole Milk
1 Liter Vegetable Stock
1# Butter (Browed)
TT Salt
TT White Pepper

1. Sweat onions, garlic, mushrooms, celery and leeks
2. Deglaze with white wine
3. Add milk and stock
4. Simmer for 30 minutes
5. Puree with brown butter and strain in a china cap
6. Season to taste.

For extra pizzazz add the following at serving:

Tobacco Onions & Flash Fried Rock Shrimp

1# Red Onions, (peeled and shaved thin)
1# All Purpose Flour
1 Cup Red Chile Powder
¼ Cup Cumin Powder
¼ Cup Garlic Powder
¼ Cup Onion Powder

1. Add all dry ingredients together and mix well
2. Toss shaved onion in the mixture.
3. Fry until crispy
4. Season with salt.

Garnish with Flash Fried Rock Shrimp

1. Sauté rock shrimp in very hot olive oil and garlic until cooked.
2. Season to taste.

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