This One Just Says No To Global Warming Cause

Jay Pelzer

Guest Blogger

The “writer” (me) had done a “rational gathering of facts.” The most recent (updated since my blog) numbers I could find are at: Global Temperature Report: June 2008 As you can plainly see, all the temperatures are either at, or below the 20 year average. If you wish to go check the NOAA, NASA and UAH numbers, you will find that the temperatures are now below the 2,000 year average. Since Al Gore’s Jan 2006 prediction that we have “Only 10 years left…..,” the global temperature has dropped 0.6 degrees C. (During which period we have had record usage of fossil fuels … and record sized forest fires in America and Australia.)

The globe is cooler than it was at anytime between 550 and 1200 AD. In June of 2008 it was cooler than it had been since Jan 2000. But, you can bet it is going to go up again sometime. And then it is going to go back down again … just as it has for 2,000 years.

If Al Gore is so sure of his facts, why won’t he debate representatives from the other side of the argument? John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, has a couple of thousand PhD’s behind his side. Lord Moncton, with the support of the American Physical Society (APS …. possibly the world’s most renown group of physicists), has challenged Gore to an international debate on the issue. Why isn’t Gore taking any of the challenges so convert the “nonbelievers?” Instead, he leaves his “20 times the national average carbon footprint” house in his SUV. Goes to the airport to get into his private jet to fly to his destination airport where he is picked up by a limousine. Then he drives off to preach to his choir.

If Gore truly believes what he says, why doesn’t he have like just a 9 or 10,000 square foot house? Drive a Prius or other hybrid? Fly commercial. And try to convert the disbelievers? Why was his Nobel Prize for peace, and NOT for science? (Oh, there’s no “peer review” for a peace prize!)

Thankfully, “S … With Ardent Veracity,” you did come up with the honest answer to the question about what SUV’s and air conditioners did the cave men use to end the ice age?” : NONE! But the globe got warmer and the Ice Age ended. Go figure.

So far, Al Gore’s 2006 prediction is doing about as well as Ted Dansen’s 1987 prediction that the oceans would be “dead” within 10 years.

Note from the Santa Fe Mother Blogger: Do you agree? Let me hear from you.

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