Pissed Off! But the Zucchini Grows, and Grows…and…

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pissed Off. But the Zucchini Grows, and Grows…and…

Talk about issues! I’m full of them today. Still, I’m freaked out about not having my lotion and chapstick at my immediate grasp during my next flight. I can pack them and send them off to never-never land and pray they may make it to my destination. But that will add to my aggravation. And then there’s this damned snakes on a plane issue. And, well, I’m just pissed off.

The terror-thinkers are frying my butt with their will to blow me up. I’m done with this incompetent administration that has fueled more hatred against Americans ever. And what about this disorganized Democratic party that can’t stick with a functional talking point? We go to the pumps and profit the oil industry. I am a capitalist, but for God’s sake, I’ve personally seen the unbelievable wealth that the oily-folks have to spend with absolute abandon, while the poor keep cutting back and clip coupons for white flour on sale.

I wonder if the Reverend Martin Luther King were alive today, how he would respond to this madness. Loosing his power to express peace, logic, clear and forward thinking was one of the greatest losses for America and all the good America has to offer.

Meanwhile, life goes on and my garden’s zucchini grow about a inch each hour. Hallelujah! Weeds are daring my patience. Stupid weeds. Today I ripped them out of the soil and imagined each weed as one today’s issues. Sweaty, tired of being stooped over, but relieved from destroying weeds, I decided an ice water and checking my email was a good idea. The following photo awaited me in response to Friday’s blog. 

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