Buzz of LA

“If I asked what to expect of Jer-ne, I’d say set your highest expectations then double them.…It was the most intimate, enjoyable and effortless culinary experience! Everyone was so friendly that by the end of the night we felt as if they were all part of the family. The Chef, Dakota Weiss, was the most amazing, talented, kind, and gorgeous chef we’ve ever met,” begins yesterday’s on-line review at

The rest of the review even went so far as to write, “Chef Dakota Weiss, she is a goddess in the kitchen and the most amazing talented chef I ever met.” (Admittedly, I did raise a goddess. After all, her sister is a princess. Just ask anyone who knows them.)

Then we have last week’s complimentary review in the LA Times. So Mom is so proud that she’s probably annoying the world with letting them know HEY THAT’S MY KID.

I don’t apologize because I remain amazed and short of breath when I look at both of my girls and realize that they have grown to be good people and good at what they do. You see, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I became a mother. My mother died early in my life. Some wonderful and some horrible women tried to take my mother’s role. Consequently I grew rebellious, audacious and declined their maternal attempts. Then my daughters’ father died early in their childhood and in our marriage. I was on my own. So I shot from the hip and applied cosmic theology to my mothering and hoped for the best. My lack of confidence, however, said this too would fail.

It didn’t. So I will continue to stand on the roof, with megaphone in hand and blog until my computer fails me–which WILL most definitely happen at some point in time.

Meanwhile, my hippie-named daughters sweep me off my feet.

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