The Daily Prism–A Blog for Light Seekers


Invisible in the dark, a light refracting prism catches the tiniest spark of light and brightens the daily good, is the ongoing theme of my other blog, The Daily Prism.

Over the years of posting The Daily Prism, the bulk of responses are towards those postings that yearn to help us become better humans. With that statistic, today The Daily Prism begins with a series of mediations and tips that we can apply to help ourselves grow in love and wisdom, and become a solid force for good in a world craving peace.

Of course, The Daily Prism will intersperse these posts with the really good things that people do.

Today’s thought and this week’s theme is about loving ourselves. It’s the first step to loving others. So let’s begin with developing self-compassion and love.

From the horse’s mouth, this may well be the more challenging task at hand. We are told in so many ways what is wrong with us, from bad breath, to IQ, to an imperfect body, face or hair. Personally, once I went bald from chemo, my concern over perfect hair to help define my imperfect self, was tossed out the window. It turned out to be a good thing because I learned that these darts thrown at our self-worth are temporary. Yes, the puncture might sting for a bit, but it’s nothing more than a momentary ouch. Losing my hair was a sign that the chemo was doing its job by attacking all those fast growing cells, including the malignant cells. For that very sign, I was filled with gratitude and learned to love the new face in the mirror.

The Meditation

Find a quiet spot and a comfortable position either on a pillow (classic cross-legged position), or a chair, or sofa. Both feet solid on the ground. Back straight. Left hand open to receive, right hand turned downwards to keep the incoming energy flowing within. Take three to five deep breaths with hardy exhales.

With your closed eyes, see within where it will be dark, but for just a minute or less as you call for the light of the universe to come your way. I always see love as pink, so as the light seeps into your inner vision, begin to feel the sensation of love and let your inner world grow in pink.. Like a pink flower in a garden, let the flower open wide and encompass your body, from your head, down your torso and into your legs and feet. Ask the pink of love to stay and swirl within your heart as you silently repeat to yourself that love is the answer and it is yours.

Bask in the glow of pink and let every bit of the love saturate every cell in your body. Remain silent and bathe in love.


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