Coldwater Creek In Hot Water


Featured in Vibrant Nation

I lived for Coldwater Creek catalogs. But it looks like the popular women’s clothier is in financial hot water. From its first chapter as a catalog retailer, to a chain of more than 350 stores nationwide, Coldwater Creek skipped a few chapters and went directly to filing Chapter 11 in bankruptcy court last week.

My cousin texted me the news this morning—heartbroken to see her favorite store hit s&*t creek—but wild for the upcoming sales. Me? I’m part of the store’s challenge. When the economic recession hit, I retired, as did my clothing budget.

Something else happened to Coldwater Creek—it seemed to lose its pizzaz. It also changed its sizing. That’s a big deal for me. I like to walk in to a store, pull out the styles I like in the size that usually fits and flatters; purchase more than I should, and go home smiling. But my last few visits left me cold. Nothing fit quite right or I wasn’t fond of the styles and colors. The smile in Coldwater Creek’s styles ceased. It was beige.

Fashion always reflects the times.

2 thoughts on “Coldwater Creek In Hot Water

  1. I get daily sale e-mails from Cold Water Creek, and I live very close to one; however, I have never bought anything. My close friend buys everything there, and adores it. As for me, I simply watch every cent and rarely spend it on clothes ( but I would love to find a re sale shoppe, consignment store, that features the BOHO look).

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