Uterine Cancer Awareness Month


September is a peach of a month. As a matter of fact, expect to see peach ribbons on my social media pages as this is also the month for gynecological cancer awareness. In my case, uterine carcinosarcoma, a rare form of cancer that lacks a cure. Why no cure when researchers are discovering cures for other types of deadly cancers?

When just 5% of gynecological cancers are uterine carcinosarcoma the money isn’t there for research. Furthermore, it’s not a well known form of cancer. Case in point, during a recent hospitalization I told one of the nurses about this cancer I’m fighting and she said that she had never heard of it. And when I spoke to a group of women about this cancer, they too, had never heard of it.

So, it’s about education and awareness, my friends.

How can you make a difference in helping others learn about this cancer?

  • Wear a peach ribbon this month. Just ask me and I’ll get a ribbon to you.
  • You can talk about me among your friends and family as an example of this rare cancer. Those who know me know how this has taken me away from my passion to serve and be with friends.
  • Remember when breast cancer was a death sentence? Folks ceased being shy about talking about cancer of the breasts and poured funding into research. Look at the amazing results today. Let’s cease the shyness of talking about our cancers of our reproductive organs and get funds to gynecological cancer research teams.
  • Spread the word via social media. Add a peach ribbon to your page!
  • Link to any of my blogs about this journey I am living through.

One thought on “Uterine Cancer Awareness Month

  1. To me no Cancer is worse than any other.I have had family on both sides pass with it.Watched my best friend,grand dad,cousin and uncle pass with it.My daughter 1 of the joys of my life 27 years old no children don’t smoke anything or drink works and goes to college on line and who is sucha awesome young lady was diagnosed in February of this years with uterian cancer.Through it all she stll smiles sometimes she has her moments but she is intitled to that.As we all I Love. My daughter dearly and don’t want to see her hurt and live a long life,she is not worried about having Cancer she is worried about having a\child \children.I told her we will adopte and he\no matter what.To all going through any type Cancer i pray for you and your family.Cooke

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