Welcome, Tiger Woods, to The Cockamamie Club

C. Coimbra photo
C. Coimbra photo

Out on the Piedras Blancas bluffs near San Simeon, CA, real soon, there will be a whole lot of luvin’ going on.  Mature male elephant seals swim 2500 miles south (from Aleutian Islands) just to get their freak on with the lady elephant seals (pregnant and swimming in from open sea) on the beach. After the ladies give birth and wean their pups, they are ready for the breeding.    And, believe me, these 2-ton boys are on it.

While “gifted”  and without love discretion, I can’t recommend  any of the horny elephant seals into The Cockamamie Club.  I have, however, by this post, welcomed Tiger Woods to have drinks with his fellow Cockamamie Club members, like Governor Sanford, see https://charmainesmusepallet.wordpress.com/2009/06/25/welcome-gov-sanford-to-the-cockamamie-club/.

Let’s see, $55-million to his wife, and his lovely face whacked with a golf club?  Zowie.  Was the extra whoopee worth it, Tiger?

One thought on “Welcome, Tiger Woods, to The Cockamamie Club

  1. here’s a funny I recently received (although inaccurate but still funny, as 2010 is the Chinese Year of the Tiger – oh, wait, mayhap that’s accurate after all – and the rest are all way off, also)

    “From the male perspective…

    I’m not really concerned about swine flu.
    BUT !!! Here’s my concern.
    3 years ago, Chinese calendar year of the cow
    …..Mad Cow disease.
    2 years ago, Chinese calendar year of the bird
    …..Avian flu.
    This year, Chinese calendar year of the pig
    …. swine flu.

    Next year is the Chinese year of the cock

    ………Anybody else worried?”

    Just a little levity for your day 😀 Now, I gotta run…

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