Santa Fe’s New Celebrity Chef

Chef Mark Miller, move over.  Santa Fean Chef Rahm Fama’s celebrity chef’s star is on the fast track to brilliance.

I love chronicling our “kids” successes, so while Rahm  attended a “Santa Fe in LA” party recently, he mentioned my Facebook message “Call your Cambrian Mother!” to chef daughter, Dakota Weiss.  ( Rahm’s  “people”  had mentioned the post.)   Dakota hit speed dial, tossed him her cell phone and said, “Here, talk to her.”

First, if I knew during  Rahm’s skinny-cute-kid days  that he’d have “people” I might have been nicer to him. I liked Rahm, but I had two lovely young teenage daughters that every overly hormonal boy in Santa Fe wanted to rub up against, making my incisors instinctively flash.

Santa Feans and The Dungeness Crab

To my surprise, a bunch of these former skinny-cute-kid boys, now in their mid-30s, are my Facebook friends.  So I suspect that because they now have lovely daughters, they appreciate my temperament back when.

Rahm’s Food Network show, “Meat and Potatoes,”  passed the first ratings test and he signed up for another 13 episodes—which I knew, and is why I left my Facebook message.  I wanted to let him know that we’re proud of him.

Rahm’s up to his toque filming—with 39 east coast to west coast visits scheduled.  Plus, he mentioned that another show is in the works, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.”   And as one might forecast, a cookbook project fills in the empty spaces on his already clogged appointment calendar.

What has changed in Rahm’s life since his fall 2010 television debut?  “Wow, it’s weird,” Rahm revealed, “people recognize me on the street.”  Since Rahm doesn’t know bashful, I’m sure he’s charming his new fans to the bone.  The show has good ratings and it moves  from Friday to Monday night. 

Now, for those cyber-searching  Rahm Fama’s sexuality (and are you just lame?) he’s a daddy and likes the ladies.  Then there are those silly searches wanting to know Rahm’s ethnicity.  Who cares?  He’s American born and bred—although he’s really a Santa Fean.  That’s a breed unto itself, bro. 




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