In A Word

I’m one of those New Year’s Eve revelers that admit my resolutions, like diets, fade with each new month of the New Year.  But this time there is one thing I want to do during 2011 and that is improve.  In a word, my 2011 goal is improve.

I asked friends to send me their one-word 2011 goal or resolution. 

Using their words (in bold face) I discovered synonymous ideals.  Here’s how their words read when assembled:

They want to accomplish balance and take action for peace with determination to stay alive and cherish grandchildren and family while they listen, love, and care so that they will participate and organize implementing better patience to create and reinvent awareness while present with gratitude while they rock and retire.

Sounds like a plan to me.

My first improvement is how I post the Daily Good.  2010 threw rocks and turned off the light, or so it was reported.  But when I turned over the rocks hidden gems and tiny prisms refracted the dim light slipping through the clouds with people creating daily good, both organized and random.  On New Year’s Day 2011 The Daily Prism was conceived and now implemented.  Come on over and subscribe for your daily dose of good works.

There is much about me ready to improve: body, skills, energy and focus.  Will improve take on an antonym instead?  Well, if I sense an antonym attack, I’ll return to this post and the words shared by my friends: “…accomplish balance and take action….” and so on, making improve inevitable.


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