Rahm Fama Debuts on the Food Network 9/24

The Chefs Confer.

Blog Update.  9/25/2010

(Above photo: Chefs Rahm Fama and Dakota Weiss discuss the feast they created for family and friends just before Rahm left to film his new Food Network program, Meat and Potatoes.) 


Spouse and I stayed up way past our bedtime to watch Rahm’s Food Network debut of “Meat and Potatoes” last night.  I’m not a food show critic, so I can’t give it a critique…except that when the show was done I craved a big chuck of a meat sandwich then and NOW!   

It is a fun watch because Rahm is a nitrate-free ham!  Looks like our next five Friday nites will be late ones.  Next Friday, however, I’m slow cooking a brisket to snack on while Rahm talks about all the tasty meats from meat masters around the county. ____________________________ 

“Meat Masters” didn’t make it through the finals—the title of Rahm’s  Food Network debut, that is.  “Between the Buns”  is the pacified show name and the one to watch for this Sept.   Seem’s to fit with today’s economic climate…  

Premieres: Friday, September 24th at 10pm
Meet Rahm Fama. Actually, Meat Rahm Fama! A chef and meat nerd originally from New Mexico, Rahm combs the country for the choicest cuts. He obsesses over meat with fellow chefs, local foodies, and passionate chowhounds across the United States, making several stops in each episode to sample their meaty fare. From mounds of meatballs in New York and chicken-fried steak in Texas to loaded gourmet hotdogs in Chicago and monster beef patties in Oregon, Rahm’s carnivorous curiosities uncover the most mouth-watering meats and the side dishes that so perfectly complete them. Rated “M” for Meat, vegetarians beware.  

Premieres: Friday, September 24th at 10pm – SERIES PREMIERE!
“Between the Buns”
Host Rahm Fama explores some of the country’s best tasting meats between buns. The Smoked Meat Sandwich dripping with juices takes center stage at Mile End Deli in Brooklyn, N.Y. Next, in Chicago, Rahm finds five-star dining on a buttery bun at Franks ‘n’ Dawgs where he devours The Foss Hog, a pork link topped with smoky bacon, a fried egg, and a slathering of maple mayo. On his last stop, he enjoys a taste of The Oaks Gourmet Market’s moist, flavorful burger made entirely out of prime, dry-aged steak with a pineapple and jalapeño compote, oozy Taleggio cheese, and crispy bacon in Hollywood, Calif.______________________________

Premiering Friday, October 1st at 10pm ET/PT
“Steakhouse Wars

Premiering Friday, October 8th at 10pm ET/PT
“BBQ Madness”

Premiering Friday, October 15th at 10pm ET/PT
“Supersized Meat”

Premiering Friday, October 22nd at 10pm ET/PT
“Cheap Meat”

Premiering Friday, October 29th at 10pm ET/PT
“Midnight Meat”

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