Did Lewis Carroll & Aldous Huxley Write Today’s News?

Last week’s daily good would fill an empty warehouse. I was fortunate to work on a community volunteer effort that raises funds for the betterment of the community’s citizens.  My part was itsy-bitsy. We built a float—and that is where the incoming daily good began. 

Folks who were already committed to this huge event, and committed in a much larger way than I, showed up in my driveway with tools, energy and ideas to help create the nonprofit’s float that would color the parade route and hopefully entice new volunteers to join.

 I’ll draw from that energy because I feel like my own storage capacity for daily good is victim to some greedy bloodsucking thief. 

Our iconic date of September 11 nears.  The hate that darkened that historic day proliferates and I fear that I’m slipping into some nightmarish rabbit hole with twisted reality and tangled nonsensical tales.

It is as if we turned Ten Commandments  inside out and what is good is bad and what is bad is good. 

Why would an American pastor of a Christian church, with the oxymoronic name of The Dove World Outreach Center, call for the burning of another religion’s sacred book?  Here is an alleged Christian pastor spewing hateful rhetoric with an act of counter-terror that demonstrates anything but the ways of Christ and religious tolerance as denoted in our country’s Constitution.  The man has the right to dislike the Koran and Muslims. But he just removed several pallets of daily good stored in my imaginary warehouse.

Politics’ nature historically points fingers, tattles and fibs.  But the political characters that feverishly tug at my ankles as I near the bottom of the rabbit hole are not wearing silly hats and whimsical clothing.  Their skin is more serpentine and their filthy gnarled fingers are icy to the touch.  They tell me to be afraid and fear the other side. That really scares me.  What once were the common political animals of pointed fingers, simple tattles and fibs no longer exists.  They have morphed into phantasmagorical beasts with insatiable appetites that consume more of the daily good from my warehouse.

The drink at the broadcast demagogues’ table is a nasty smelling acrid brew.  Even the steam that rolls from the teapot is offensive to anyone who knows good tea.  It leaves behind a bitter aftertaste that doesn’t even serve the purpose of an ill tasting medicine.

The nightly news quotes weird things like Christians are Muslims;  Islam doesn’t have the right to worship in America; that President Obama is not an American; that immigrants gone wild are beheading north-of-the-border ranchers; that women raped and impregnated by their fathers must suffer the consequences;  that government is evil and greedy, and corporations making record profits–especially after farming out work  that was once American work–really wants to make life fair and better for everyone; and that mocking the Rev. Martin Luther King is not racist?   Did Lewis Carroll and Aldous Huxley team up and write this when under the influence of some wicked psychedelic mixed with lethal doses of opiates?

I’ve stated before that my direct ancestors helped create this America and even marched with George Washington.  Not all my ancestors were exemplary Americans, but it’s my and this country’s history from which we learn and become better citizens. 

Americans are not just white people who practice Christianity.  Americans are a tapestry of color and faiths.  These elements trucked in and filled the daily good warehouses.

A Facebook friend who actively works to keep America wonderful recently expressed great despair. The pundits were on a raging roll of lies and misinformation—robbing pallets of good from the warehouse and refilling it with pallets of fear.  My friend wrote that she didn’t know what to do any longer.  Did anyone out there have an answer, she asked.

I can’t answer why hypocrisy, bigotry, fear-mongering and lies are the current actions of choice and I don’t know how to stop the negativity.

I will, however, continue seeking daily good to counteract the thieves who remove good for unsavory mischief and I will draw upon the good I experienced last week.

2 thoughts on “Did Lewis Carroll & Aldous Huxley Write Today’s News?

  1. There ought to be a paper called The Insanity News of the Day. Devoted to all the insane statements made by Republican politicians like John Behner and all the media attack dogs like Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, Hannity, O’Reilly, Coulter, Angle, Brewer, etc. Just a page devoted to their lies and distortions would do wonders to clarify just how dangerous they are. Today, for instance, their arguments for keeping the tax cuts is that “small businesses” would suffer. As if they gave a rat’s ass about small businesses and as if they were the most affected by the cuts. Take your eyes off the rich and powerful is all they care about.

  2. My warehouse is sorta empty, too. I’ve not fallen down your rabbit hole, I have shamefully covered my head a with non-traditional headscarf. It makes the remaining days a little more pleasant.

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