A Question: What is it about New Mexico?

Pedernal in motion B&W – Version 3


The answer eludes me. And I’ve a reputation among those who know me well to offer an answer for everything!

What is it that keeps New Mexico in the play for artists and dreamers?

While I dream of being an artist someday, and I believed that the near-perfect world of California’s Central Coast would transform my dream to reality, here I am, back in New Mexico reveling in the spice, the exotic, the contrasts, the heat, the cold, the dark and the light again. Creative juices bubble within my slightly worn body. What causes the shadow artist within to scream for release in this rarefied air and light?

Recently I conjured up a not so original idea of a photo project I’d like to tackle. Somewhat weary of the straight on two-dimensional photo, I wish to bend them into something different, something strange but telling. Maybe a better depiction of what rumbles through my heart and soul.

Try painting, suggests a friend. I’ll play with the pastels and sketchbook on the easel, all while knowing that’s not my gift.

The piano stands high in my home. My fingers can do the walking along the keyboard. Reluctantly, I force myself to read music written by others. It’s good practice. Still, after years of dusting the keyboards, I try doing the same there as with a good camera — bend it so the music better depicts what rumbles through my heart and soul.

Pun unintended, but I’m facing the music here and I don’t like automatic settings anywhere, anytime.

And perhaps that the draw of New Mexico for artists and dreamers. There is no automatic setting in scenery, weather, mood, and possibility. One can squirm in the dirt loaded on booze or drugs, or one can dance in the clouds high on thin air and opened skies. One can discover and dwell on the ancient past or peer into space knowing that space flights will soon jet off from New Mexican soils. One can seek the peace of holy places or view the results of atomic destruction so as to win a war. Contrasts. Light and dark.

Maybe it is the light that filters nothing from one’s view. Is that my answer? Perhaps there is no answer. Perhaps it just is. Perhaps I leave it at that, and move forward in destiny’s flow.


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