Blue, I Love You

Blue Cascade

Blue follows my shadow. Not like a sad song, but more like the changing sky reflected upon the sea, a lake, or even a pond.

It’s a natural affinity, even if I don’t apply the color to my home’s decor. Be careful if you pick blue for your decor, warned an interior decorator friend. Blue has so many shades that you could create a visual mess, she stated.

I heed her warning — except for my wardrobe where you’ll find my favorite navy blue pants, royal blue sweater, and pale blue blouse. There is always a pair or more of blue shoes in my closet. One pair is even blue suede.

There was a particular shade of blue in fashion during those years of mid-century design. The shade hinted at kilowatts. Think modern, all electric homes showcased as the future lifestyle with flying cars and whispering monorails that would zip around glistening urban centers. It was the color of my 8th grade full-skirt graduation dress; the color of a Doris Day, an Audrey Hepburn, or a Grace Kelly blue gown. I don’t know why that pigmentation of blue remains in my vision. You don’t see it in today’s fashion. Indigo colors the mood of the hour.

What’s your favorite color? Orange. Orange? Not much rhymes with it and it’s unforgettable. Maybe it’s for the poppies that grow wild in California. Maybe its for the succulent fruit. You’ll find more orange in my home’s decor than blue. Maybe it’s because it has to do with food? How many blue foods can you name?

True Blue Day

“While blue is typically the first color to disappear from a child’s crayon box, it’s the last man standing in the M&M bowl. Why? Because edible blue foods are rarely found in nature. Consequently, we lack an automatic appetite response to blue. Some diet plans even suggest the use of blue plates to help you eat less,” so says an essay on blue foods in

The only natural blue food that I’ve personally encountered and declined is local lingcod. Other foods cast as blue, are purple to my eyes: potatoes, grapes, and —- OH WAIT! Blue corn. Yep, it’s blue. And blueberries — even when they stain purple on my white shirts.

While we walk beneath what seems like a blue dome, what is more magical than finding a tiny blue butterfly, a spot of blue flowers, a blue stone, or a blue-feathered bird? In nature it seems like all shades of blue are compatible and unlike my interior designer friend’s home decor warning.



I asked a few creative friends how they see blue:

Consuelo: I find I am challenged to capture on camera the ever shifting hues of blue of our Pacific. My greatest challenge was to save the exact shade of glacial blue in Alaska. I watched other artists trying to paint that unsuccessfully.

Holly: It’s a cooling, calming hue and this shade is not overused.

Shirley: Although blue is my favorite color, I’m reminded of my mother who often expressed that she was feeling blue. Those (feelings) were when she was thinking of her past and missing loved ones.

Nancy: The sky and the ocean — my two favorites!

Shelley: My favorite color is lavender, but blue to me is the ocean. It is calming.

Michele: When I was young there was a family in town who painted their house this very color, and not in an artistic way. It was a nightmare. I am always reminded of that when I see blue. Difficult image to shake, even after all these years.

Augusta: The color of the Mediterranean Sea and the rooftops and trims of the Baha’i holy places in The Holy Land, as well as other sites, is the most lovely color in the world to me. Along with the white exteriors of buildings, it’s striking in its simplicity and beauty. It evokes a feeling of spiritual peace within me.

Terry:  It’s the reflection of water and the sky dancing together. It is cool to the touch and when there is blue the music you hear is dark and mysterious, to light and breezy depending on the intensity and if other colors are co-mingling with blue.

Alan:  The cloudless sky immediately overhead without any atmospheric interference, xx

Sheila:  Blue is a Mother Earth color. It is the color of energy, the ocean and divine feminine which is why Mary was always portrayed in blue. Likewise, Gaia wears her blue ocean as a flowing garment.

Mitzi:  Texas Hill Country Bluebonnets!

Deanna:  When I was still working as a Speech/Language Pathologist, I painted my therapy room a light shade of blue. I had read somewhere that “BLUE” was the color of communication. Made sense to me. People would venture into the room every now and then and comment on how peaceful the room felt and just chat with me after work hours. When I retired, the principal decided that he wanted to make the room the new VP office. Coincidence?

Cha Cha:  Blue can be the beautiful color of the glacier ice.

Debra:  Blue is one of my favorite colors. As a photographer I’m drawn to blue eyes, blue skies and blue water. It’s just very pleasing to me and exciting. It makes me happy and energetic.

Juanita:  It depends on the shade, it could be calming or invigorating!

When I studied music and vocal performance, I chose Joni Mitchell’s song, “Blue” for the class’s end of year public performance. Mitchell wrote it from an artist’s perspective of the color. I sang it for the lyrics. They mirrored me and my life’s view.

Well there’re so many sinking
Now you’ve got to keep thinking
You can make it thru these waves …

… Everybody’s saying that hell’s the hippest way to go well
I don’t think so,  but I’m
Gonna take a look around it though Blue
I love you

—-Joni Mitchell, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

The lyrics suggest a raucous life. Blue may be the cure. Blue represents serenity, clarity and peace — elements we all seek. So, yes, Blue, I love you.

Magic Pony in blue




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