To Dick Cheney From Jane the Little Guy

Dick Cheney recently told the media that his post-vice presidential vociferousness is because he is committed to helping the little guy.

Dude, where have you been for the last eight years—or longer for that matter?  I am the little guy.  (Okay, I could stand to drop some pounds, but so can Dick.) Nonetheless, I am Jane the little guy.

I’m Jane the little guy who was declined medical coverage because of a pre-existing condition that I never asked to bear.  I am the Jane the little guy who paid for my $80,000 cancer treatment.  I am Jane the little guy who can’t sell my home because it isn’t worth shit in this economy, even though it is in a ‘nice’ neighborhood. Plus all the other little guys who can’t get credit to buy my now worth-nothing home. I’m Jane the little guy who watched my credit score go from excellent to below average because the big guy credit card companies—that I have religiously paid, on time, every month—have reduced my credit and raised my interest rates.  I am Jane the little guy who tried to refi my home, but was told, sorry, no can do because your credit score has taken a drop and you are trying to retire.

So, Dick, I know the other little guys, like the soldiers electrocuted in showers in Iraq because of faulty electrical connections installed by the company that still pays you dividends, and some of the other little guys – like those soldiers that were told that torture is okay and they now have their careers destroyed, are happy to hear that you are on their side now.  Right?  You really mean the real little guy, right?

2 thoughts on “To Dick Cheney From Jane the Little Guy

  1. I still don’t get what the left has aganst Dick Cheney. He was one heck of an improvement over the do-nothing Al Gore. I think Dick is out to “help the little guy” by protecting him/her from the oncoming Obama tax increases. Anyone who thinks Obama can triple government spending while reducing taxes on 95% of the people does not understand economics, mathematics, or even simple arithmetic.
    Cheney did screw up when he didn’t work hard enough with McCain to increase regulations on Fannie and Freddie. But, after having Obama working for ACORN to force banks to make bad loans, Chris Dodd getting favorable loan treatment, and Barney Frank dating a senior male exec at Fannie Mae, it was a definite uphill fight.
    Finally, I do not understand what it is liberals think they will get from socialized, national health care. It all has to be paid for. So, anyone above the median income will be taxed enough to pay for not only their own health care, but also for that of the less well off. When it comes to medical bills, you and I should both be glad we only have to cover our own costs. (Do you truly think you should be responsible for the health care of a guy like me who has smoked like a train for 40 years, still drinks like a fish, gets only as much exercise as it takes to drive a golf cart around the course, and then gorges himself on fast food on the way home?) I gladly pay for my own health insurance because its the fair thing to do. But, should I have to help pay for anyone else’s care, I will cancel my private insurance immediately. Then I will let other people pay for me.
    The Obamaites can march in lock step and listen without checking. I’ll take Cheney anytime over a President who, on his 100th day in office said that we “can’t allow the country that invented the automobile to lose its auto industry.” But, I have no idea why he is so concerned about Germany saving Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. (Just as a factual matter, Germany, France, England and Russia all had autos before we did. The first USA patent for so much as a car part didn’t even come until 1789.)
    Then Obama had the other brilliant statement, with which I totally agree, that the USA should treat prisoners with the same torture restrictions as those of Winston Churchill. One must wonder why the liberal media said nothing of the Mau Mau Revolt in Kenya during the 1950’s. Kenya was a part of the British Empire and under the rule of Churchill. Three of the sources I checked used the term “rampant” to describe the torture of Mau Mau captives. (PSYOP is the only source I remember.) And Churchill allowed magistrates to go about their business using mobile gallows. (More than 2,700 of the 4,300 Mau Mau captives were hung.) Personally, I’d rather have water poured up my nose again than to be hung. (I was waterboarded as part of an Air Force training program. It’s only scary if you havren’t read the memos released by Obama telling that there is always a doctor present in case a prisoner panics during the 5-second pour.)
    Well, buy gold, Char. Jimmy Carter took it up 400%. Obama will make that look amateurish.

  2. Someone Please Tell Them to Stop!

    Now we have Congress working on “Cash for Clunkers?” This is so insane. Why don’t we do “Cash for Idiots” and buy out the Congress?

    These fools want to pay people $4,500 per car for people to dump their clunkers. This is intended to get a 20% in fuel mileage. So, we can expect this “investment ” to break even right after people spend $18,000 on gas.

    You can run this through the mileage Congress wants to dictate. (Somehow they have to find a way to sell those trashy little things they want GM to make. The fact that a Harley-Davidson bike will crush you in an accident doesn’t matter.) But, the proud new owner will have to rack up over 150,000 miles to have the environment “break even.” (Well, break even excluding the energy it takes to dispose of the clunker and produce and deliver the new “Wondermobile.”)

    I just checked the UAH (University of Alabama at Huntsville) figures on global temperatures. (And yes, for those of you who just take Al Gore at his word, UAH is the world’s foremost site for global temperature tracking.) We really, and truly, need to do “Cash for Clunkers.” In the past 14 years there have been only 22 months when the average global temperature has been lower than what it is now. (I guess we are running kind of low on heat right now.)

    If this “Cash for Clunkers” stupidity passes, I will be more than happy to dispose of my much loved, aged Ford Explorer. My older brother has been bugging me to get a fuel efficient Aston-Martin just like his. So, if the taxpayers want to contribute the first $4,500 towards my new wheels, who am I to complain?

    Why is it that our government thinks people are too stupid to figuire out what is best for them … without the Congress’ help?

    (I can’t wait for this one-term President to be gone!)

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