Negativity’s Power vs. Gratitude’s Strength


“All living on this planet is finite. I accept that. Just as the wildflowers of spring bring pleasure to the senses, we must acknowledge that it is temporary.”

Good souls trapped in the negativity of today’s political/social world, may consider this movement of posting daily gratitude and/or things that make one smile, is nothing but silly gibberish. Negativity is like that. It sucks out joyful hope and possibility. 

I feel qualified to discuss these issues. My past notwithstanding, my present life chapter reeks of negative facts like a deadly oil spill in the midst of a sea otter colony.  For those who don’t know me, I’ve been diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer. One oncologist said that with chemo, I would have about two years left to live.  Maybe he’s right, but I moved on in search of hope, not funerary plans. Thus far, hope, science and positivity through both my attitude and the well-wishing by others, work in my favor—keeping that analogous oil spill in check. For that, I’m grateful.

Trust me, I’m not hunting for sympathies or kudos. I simply believe that this life chapter must be lived with positivity and gratitude for not just my well-being, but for the well-being of all that surrounds me. 

I challenge anyone to show me how this moment of snarky memes, negativity, and divisiveness benefits one’s self, others, the planet.  

Yes, there are negative souls drenched in wealth. Wealth, as shown by the famous and infamous, is no answer to facing one’s personal oil spills, however. Negativity, fueled with any or all of the seven deadly sins (pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed and sloth), develops a level of toxicity that defies wealth or poverty. 

By no means does this essay intend to forward any particular faith or ideology. I compare the word sin to harmful. My reference to the seven deadly sins is nothing more than eons of humanity’s observation of the human condition. And yet, with history as fact-based evidence of how negativity draws us into the slime, there are those who will stand up and applaud the charismatic person(s) drenched in the deadly seven and forward that flawed and compassion-free agenda. 

I don’t throw total blame on those who are caught up in a downward vortex. It’s a forceful push that has measured our insecurities, fears and consequential anger. When addressed with exclamatory language, it’s like picking at a scab as a way of healing, when in fact the injurious wound is open to infection instead.

For me, I hold no interest in further infection of my own insecurities and fears.

The spirit or soul or whatever one wishes to call this element that keeps our bodies and minds upright and communicative, fairs best with objectivity. It’s a fact. Goggle it.

All living on this planet is finite. I accept that. Just as the wildflowers of spring bring pleasure to the senses, we must acknowledge that it is temporary. Just like the taste of sweet chocolate at that first bite, we must acknowledge that it is temporary. And so on. 

So my question to those of whom insist on making a social presence draped in negativity, why? 

Yes, life has taken me into deep negativity and it’s a wicked wall that formulates a prison where joy and hope cannot penetrate, unless…unless… Well, let’s just say that the wall can be torn down by speaking well of oneself, others and bending toward compassion as opposed to blaming, negative name calling, and finger pointing. 

That old adage heard as a child, “If you can’t say anything nice about _______ (fill in the blank), then don’t say anything at all,”  represents the historical virtues of courage, temperance, kindness, justice, love, hope and faith. 

Those seven virtues derive from gratitude and the expression thereof. And that makes me smile.

2 thoughts on “Negativity’s Power vs. Gratitude’s Strength

    1. Thank you. When I see these wickedly worded statements about others (mostly politics) that eventually spread to personal slashes, I can’t imagine why one would play in that sandbox. I’ve asked, and no one has yet to reply. That’s telling in itself.

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