Renewal by Fire

“Experts warn that epic woodland fires are our future.”

The warming planet has impacted our remaining forests. The pain of watching acres upon acres of woodland burning to cinders—burning so hot that not even the seeds normally released through heat and fire can be revived—is breathtaking and terrifying.

Between manmade and nature’s sparked burns, we search for answers. The metaphorical answer is—renewal by fire. Oh, how human nature distracts us from our senses until we’ve lost everything. 

Experts warn that epic woodland fires are our future. The Quechua peoples, who live mostly in the Andes, call this time pachacuti, meaning world reversal and/or transformation. During my research, I’ve found that many indigenous people sensed planetary change long before western science identified such. 

Beyond the indigenous, ancient philosophers and seekers used the image of fire as the mystic. (Moses and the burning bush, and Shiva dancing in a ring of fire, are two examples.)

Today’s rash of fire is different. It is the destroyer. Change is our new normal, and we will have to learn to live with it and find ways to quell the loss of life and property. It gives us an opportunity to extinguish the fires of discontent within ourselves. We have a wide-open chance to find our connection with each other as opposed to our differences that mean nothing once the fires of fear have engulfed the middle path to knowledge, peace and interconnection.

At the same time, fire warms us when we are cold. Fire cooks our food to a more palatable means of consumption. Fire lights our way through the dark. It is the fourth planetary element along with air, water, and Earth. 

—-From my book, now on, “Connection with 48 Natural Contemplations.”

Relevant news: Brazil fires threaten world’s largest wetland

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