2020’s Five Luminous Gifts

“I survived 2020.”

A new t-shirt logo? Or an accomplishment?  

No, I didn’t get to hug my grandchildren as much as I wanted.  The EuroVan stayed garaged most of the year with long road trips left to the imagination. And I really missed shopping for my own groceries. 

Concurrent to regrets, I’m proud of my grandchildren’s comprehension of why mask-wearing is essential for the now. Gilda, the EuroVan did give us  a few close-to-home adventures. And the grocery mishaps produced some good laughs—-like my order for beets that landed radishes in the grocery bag instead; the small cabbage I ordered that grew to the size and weight of a bowling ball; and so on.

The behavior of some humans definitely rankled my patience. I wish it would’ve rained more. The garden was less than mediocre. And every holiday and celebration lacked the sparkle of champagne. 

Death visited so many.

Even with some of life’s shine diminished, personally, 2020 birthed some incredible and surprising 5-Star moments. Gratitude is my key word for 2020.

Number one.  The mix of good medical care, alternative treatments, the prayers of many, and the will to win, has kept the progression of this cancer that I battle reduced to milligrams. I qualified for a new treatment that other women with UCS have called “a game changer.” That’s so encouraging for treating a rare and aggressive cancer with no known cure. 

Number two. To my own surprise, I completed and published three books: “Connection with 48 Natural Contemplations;” a companion journal “Seek Beauty, Find Joy: A Natural Contemplation Journal;” and a children’s marine education book, “Isu Learns to Swim—The Story of a Northern Elephant Seal in California.”  (I’m now working on a sequel to the children’s book.)

Number three. It takes Spouse and I a bit more to come around to each morning. But with coffee in reach and a big window that looks out on the courtyard we revamped this year, we have both developed a better eye for bird watching. Spouse’s bird watching language has become so fluent, that Santa brought him a pair of special binoculars to enhance bird identification.

Number four. Finally! At last! Most of all those books I’ve always wanted to read, have been read. The stack of fiction and nonfiction books read through this year grew into a tower. Loving it.

Number five. These shared moments of frustrations, loss, and joy have strengthened relationships. So many of us have had the time to grow into the person that we have cultured all along. Some have grown more sour and angry, but the bulk seem to have found time to thoroughly clean the windows of our souls. We’ve had the time to grasp and put into practice compassion, respect and trust in each other. These changes are not easy. It makes me wonder if the virus and the paradigm shift in clarity is a slowly unwrapped gift.

On January 1, 2021, I will celebrate the fact that I not only survived 2020, but am the recipient of 2020’s many gifts.

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