Adam Lambert: The Geezers’ Fave

42097_110x82It was a geezer fest at casa Coimbra over Memorial Day Weekend.  While I’m wont to reveal spouse’s and my closet secret–emotional American Idol fans–after some excellent Central Coast zins and syrahs, the secret slipped out. 

While railing against the political machine, our guests, whose nomdeplume shall be  Melvin Fox and Patty Cake, opened the door with, “Our political system is as screwed up as American Idol. Lambert should have won.”

“You guys watch American Idol?” I gingerly solicited, thinking that people like Fox and Cake are too academically sophisticated to watch Idol, and that spouse and I remain latent teenagers filled with fallacious idealism and still hope that we can all be stars.

Fox held, “The pale, pathetic guy from Arkansas was nice but nothing special.  Adam Lambert is special. He’s unique, vibrant, original and REAL.”

Okay, I like Kris with his gentle creativity, but yeah, Lambert–he is all that.  I added, “I think Lambert is Elvis reincarnated.”  Spouse rolled his eyes with his, there you go again, drifting off the planet. 

Meanwhile Patty Cake is loving her basket of  halibut and chips.  She wipes the tasty tartar sauce from her lips and says, “Lambert gave me the shivers. I loved his makeup and he does look like a young Elvis.”

“See!” I flashed my eyes back to spouse, who decided his Sunterra Syrah was better in his mouth than his foot.

Fox, a longtime social  activist swore, “I want to know how Idol fixed that show.  Was Lambert too gay?  Too in your face?  He was the best performer ever and I hope he’s the biggest star ever.  It turned out to be a stupid popularity contest.”

We finished our fish and chips and wine, and our geezerness continued at casa Coimbra with me trying to download and burn to cd Lambert’s performances.  I further demonstrated my cursing skills, which eventually did result in a cd for Fox and Cake to listen to while they headed back to the Bay Area.

“Just remember guys,” I soothed as they loaded their gear back into their car, “Daughtry was number three, and Chris Aiken is the biggest star of his loosing season.”

“Proves my point,” Fox concluded.  “It’s about popularity, not skill.”

We hugged and said we’d probably never watch Idol again…that is, until next January!

One thought on “Adam Lambert: The Geezers’ Fave

  1. Okay my dear friend. Here are my two cents. This is the first time I have ever voted for AI
    and I voted for Kris. You are the rocker chick, I am not. I never even liked Elvis for that matter. Yes, Adam is talented, just not my cup of tea. Besides he can put on eyeliner better than me. They will both make mega bucks, so not to worry.LOL

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