The Scream: White Men Gone Wild

“A male vertebrate is not in charge,” Paul Hawken

I’ve been working on a satirical piece called, “Karl Rove’s WhiteMare” while hearing  the screams of the same loud and so-far-removed-from-the-rest-of-the-world white men, like Rove, Gingrich, Colter (“Man Coulter?), Limbaugh and the rest, about the nomination of a Hispanic woman for Supreme Court. I’m unqualified to comment on Judge Sotomayor’s skills, beliefs, and ability to take this high position.

Sadly, the far right has once again dug a hole for the sake of digging a hole.  It’s like white men gone wild.

While working on   today (BTW see the great post from the Monterey Bay Aquarium), I stumbled upon Paul Hawken’s more recent thoughts.  Watch it, and you’ll understand the the cause of the white man’s scream.  It’s over for them.

2 thoughts on “The Scream: White Men Gone Wild

  1. Fascinating. Now minority politicians (if liberal) are automatically good and above reproach? A felony to critize them? Wow. How far we’ve come.

  2. I’m still suffering angst because my app for Souter’s job was returned with an “undeliverable as addressed” stamp. Perhaps it should have been stamped, “White Men Can’t Jump” the Supreme hurdle in an Obama Administration. I’ll just set my sights a bit lower and forward the app to the CA Supreme Court. Sure to be some vacancies soon, after the Prop 8 decision.

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