I Missed Michael Jackson’s Memorial And Will Miss Toby Weber’s Too

I missed Michael Jackson’s Memorial.  So busy in Santa Fe, that even though I wasn’t an invited VIP to Jackson’s memorial, I might have skipped the hoopla anyway.

Serendipitously, on the big memorial event day, I was invited to another unique and what will likely be a remarkable memorial in Santa Fe.  Sadly, once again, I’ll be in the wrong state at the wrong time.

This invitation-only memorial in Santa Fe (although I suspect, uninvited guests can wag on in, sit and behave) will honor the memory of Toby Weber.

Toby was short lived.  Cancer took him out much too early.  Toby exuded such happiness seeing you that he’d slobber kisses all over.  To some that’s off-putting. But Toby’s big brown eyes and huge pink tongue smeared unabashed joy.  Makeup can be reapplied.  And in a day’s course, how many times do colleagues, clients, or even family, exhibit such soulful love?

On many a Santa Fe morning Toby scampered over to my place looking for Hank.  Hank, another cheerful soul, pulled me out the door and the romping began.  If I didn’t laugh or find bliss watching the two, it would indicate that I was short a soul.  Hank passed on a year or so ago, so I’m sure that he and Toby are, once again, chasing each other through pinon-covered hillsides, joined by Hank’s “cuz,” Casey. CB044783

Hint to Michael Jackson: Toss your glove out to the ether and see which one of these buddies will run the hardest and the fastest to retrieve the sequined toy. When you weep about the legal battles over your estate down here, these three pooches will make you say, “Silly people!  Let’s go run and play.”

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