I Kept The Positive Door Opened And What A Result!

I’ve been off the blogosphere for almost a month.  An inaugural nonprofit fundraiser, successfully held last Saturday, kept me crafting ways to sell the soup competition event.

These four weeks packed in so many personal dealings, that even if I did scribe a near-weekly blog, I might have appeared burdened with an attention deficit disorder diagnosis.  I made mental notes,  and a list of blog subject matter awaits my fingers to the laptop keyboard.

I suppose the last four weeks describes the phrase, “an active retirement.”  I could still use a real job with a real income, but I’ve learned to work around that distasteful reality.  If President Obama and our mischievous lawmakers can’t fix it (or won’t fix it) then I choose an alternative roadway and move forward.

Today, roasted green chilis from New Mexico, locally caught fresh fish, wild blackberries from my garden, home squeezed citrus juices from local citrus I purchased super cheap at a church fundraiser, and so on, stuff my freezer.  Add that to my summertime collection of sunflower seeds waiting for roasting and turning into sunflower butter or tossed into my homemade granola; ground bread crumbs;  and even fish skins and other fish wastes for the kitty, I feel  like I did earn money by the money I saved.

The first draft of my memoir’s manuscript is in the hands of one editor, and the first ten pages amicably critiqued by a publisher.  My imagined rewrites strike me awake at midnight, and I’m ready to begin draft #2 of the project.  I’ll spend the weekend at a writers’ conference and hope that my writer’s brain recharges from the creative workshops slated during the conference.

My chef-daughter returned at the top of this four-week spin from her eight-week project away from home.  Oh, I would love to tell you all about it—and I will—once the project’s proverbial cat is out of the legally-bound-to-shut-up-bag.

And then there was the fundraiser.  I’m exhausted and exuberant at the same time.  I discovered just how many people are willing to support a proposal and then freely give of their time, product, and ideas.  That’s what kept me going.  I brushed off the negative commentary and kept the positive door open.  At the speed of light, productive, positive, creative and supportive energies swooped through that wide-open door of positivity. 

Once again, it proved to me that during these times of challenge and change, forward movement fueled by positive words and vision naturally shuns opposing wills draped in negativity and self-service.

I have so much to write.

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