Road Trip Loves; Road Trip Dislikes

C. Coimbra photo
C. Coimbra photo

When the road calls, it’s not easy to ignore a road trip’s song, “travel along my winding highways and byways,” especially when summer warms the air.

There are 10 things that I absolutely love about a road trip and another 10 things that I don’t like at all about a road trip.

Here’s what I love about cruising America’s highways:

  1. Pet-friendly motels,
  2. Well-kept rest areas along the interstates,
  3. Wide open spaces,
  4. Free maps,
  5. National interstate road system (Thanks, Ike),
  6. Hometown independent-owned restaurants,
  7. State and National Parks,
  8. Pilot and Love Travel Centers,
  9. Cell phone bars on my smart phone,
  10. Adventure.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut it’s not all love. Here’s what I really dislike about a road trip:

  1. Smelly pet-friendly motel rooms,
  2. Closed rest areas on the interstates (like in Arizona,)
  3. Roadside-tossed plastic bottle filled with pee (yuck—there’s no nice way of writing this),
  4. GPS gone wrong in rural areas,
  5. Poor condition of interstate highways,
  6. My sudden craving for junk food,
  7. Lack of good radio if you don’t have satellite radio,
  8. 18-wheelers passing other 18-wheelers uphill,
  9. Plastic shopping bags growing on highway landscape,
  10. Empty beer cans and liquor bottles on the roadside.

Happy trails and drive safe during your summertime road trip.

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