A Single Commonality in Most Faiths

C. Coimbra photo

As we draw nearer to the winter Christian holiday that stresses peace and love, it seems like an opportunistic moment to help each of us, regardless of faith, to practice kindness and compassion — even towards those that might bring us fear — as exemplified by the current rash of Islamophobia.

I acknowledge that there are wicked forces, confused persons, desperate behavior, ignorance, and those who seek power at the expense of all others. But to lump one group of people into one basket, does not bring resolution, trust or peace to any.

Most faiths have a single commonality, and that is the search for inner peace. When we demonize an entire faith, callously disregarding those who do live to bring peace, compassion, and goodwill to others, we develop our own crusts that lessen our personal growth into compassionate beings filled with light.

Falling into anger and hate resolves nothing.

I often discuss taking the high road in these matters. That is no easy task. A personal analogy would be my desire to hike trails that traverse hills and mountains, and then to have my knees fail me. This is so personally frustrating. It’s as though I can not reach the heights that I seek. And, yes, it makes me angry.

Dwelling within anger does not resolve the issue. Taking positive action (the high road) however, does. So, yes, it is tedious, time consuming, and at times unpleasant and uncomfortable to find a way to better those weakened and damaged bones, tissue and cartilage. But once understood and then treated with love and care, I can resume that steep hike — even though there remains some of the negative points that slow me down. But for the joy of accomplishing that high road and the magnificent view that I can savor at the top of that trail.

With that in mind, on my other blog, The Daily Prism, I will post for the next few days, a series of ideas about how to walk away from Islamophobia, and work towards a better understanding that will enable our world community to slow down and eventually end violent radicalization of persons who mistake their need for love for a false community built on destruction.

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