Toilet Privacy, Please!

C. Coimbra photo

From one side of our political mouthpieces we hear “take government out of our lives!” Then the other side of the same mouthpiece says that there outta be a law about how women shouldn’t outta be able to make choices about her body. And now, of all things, those same mouthpieces want to put government into public restrooms!

Vaginas. Penises. Urethras. The commonality here is urethras. Typically, girls gotta sit, and boys stand when emptying the bladder. But, imagine that you were born with boy parts and from your first breath you didn’t crave footballs and mechanic’s grease. Instead, you were attracted to the genteel side of life, and Halloween was/is your most favorite day because that is the day that you can be the girl that you believe you are—except for this hangy thing that spoils your reality check.

Reverse the scenario for the females born who don’t understand why they don’t have a hangy thing, also known as a penis.

Transvestites and drag queens are not transgenders.

To be clear, this sexual identification. This is not a new liberal, socialist, or progressive means of destroying society. It’s been a part of the human condition probably from the day we started walking upright.

Another part of the human condition, is a contrary part of the human condition, that mocks, belittles and shuns those who do not meet society’s norms — norms being the rules that the dominate (alpha) members of the species determine.

As society moves further away from caveman intellect and develops a more empathetic and compassionate view of each other, some understand that others are born different — born with a body that does not match their inner self. These persons can not help who they are inside. It’s evident from the giddy-up. But as the child learns that his or her self-identification is unacceptable to others, that child will likely find a way to cloak who he or she is from others. Oh for the torment.

 Urethra issues invade. It’s my guess, that the minute he can dress and act like the she that he has always believed himself to be, he will be she. He will and has used the stall right next to your daughter to relieve himself. Not a perv, but a person who is, in her soul, a female. There is no interest in your daughter. The person just wants to empty the bladder. Oh, and brace yourself. Before he broke through and still dressed as a man, it’s likely that he used the stall right next to you (a man) to sit and relieve himself like the female that he is. Like me, he sees the urinal as completely disgusting.

And, yes, reverse the scenario for the females who identify as male.

Exactly how many people have been sexually assaulted by a transgender in the bathroom? Researching that question brought me nothing. (I did find hot air and speculation, however.)

From The Advocate:  As seen in recent public testimony on similar legislation and local, trans-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances, those supporting these laws often rely on the provably false fear that trans people, particularly trans women, inherently threaten the safety of cisgender women and children. Although hundreds of trans-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances have been in force in cities around the country for several decades, there has never been a verifiable, reported instance of a trans person harassing a cisgender person, nor have there been any confirmed reports of male predators “pretending” to be transgender to gain access to women’s spaces and commit crimes against them.

Caitlin Jenner fueled a conservative firestorm with her change — and even more so because Jenner has a history of leaning toward the conservative right. OMG. Even a conservative can be transgender! When that happened, I read posts by alleged “real men” who were about 2 days out from birthing cows. The world must be ending.

LGBT folks have always been an easy tool for mockery. That wicked need to belittle and hate those different from society’s assumed norms keeps raising its hideous head. The norms have been misidentified because, in fact, the LGBT community has always been a part of the norm within human society.

If you a straight like me, you may not find it easy to fully understand the inner workings of one within the LGBT community, and particularly transgenders. But we all have one thing in common. We all gotta pee. And can we just pee privately and in peece?

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