Welcome to the Muse Pallet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlogs, photos, books, ideas, musings…all splashes of paint from a pallet inside my head. 

From my former blogs, www.sixohdear.blogspot.com, and www.amothersperspective.blogspot.com, I have  posted my favorites.  I’ll add postings as they arrive within my creative psyche.    Actually, one is in the works right now.

Because life is more than writing and musing, I’m including recipes and food ideas, some takes, photos, videos, etc. on nature.

The Gathering Basket: My one and only work of published fiction,  you can purchase signed copies from me. Send me a comment and we’ll chat.  

There’s work to do on the pallet.  See your soon.

Charmaine Coimbra

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