It’s 3 a.m. It’s Quiet Everywhere, Except Inside My Head

The only noise now, at 3 a.m. PST, is my stupid cell phone beeping every 15 minutes.  It’s hidden deep inside my monstrous purse.  I don’t wish to ruffle thru the purse to find the phone that will sing it’s Verizon lullaby and then wake up spouse.  So I let it beep.  Spouse is probably dreaming about a boat floating out at sea and the fog horns have turned into mouse-like beeps.  Let the man sleep, I say.

There is an early risers community–the one’s who answer my 6 a.m. emails at 6:05 a.m,  and the ones who post on Facebook that they are awake  and is anyone else up?  The community includes the writing-type persons and the volunteer-type persons, but that’s my 3 a.m. perception, which isn’t always my best.  Of my hundreds of friends, this morning I seem to be the lone awakend soul.

I have, however, lessened today’s “To Do List.” After giving up sleep at 2:00 a.m.,  I redesigned a program for the Friends of the Elephant Seal annual fundraiser as well as, plotted the event’s invitation, answered three emails that were  sent out sometime last night, sent out two emails and a few more pitching this event to wineries.  I had to stop there because I forgot to remove “John’s Winery” from the email text when I was sending the same email to “Linda’s Winery.”  Whoops.  So much for personal emails!

Meanwhile  I know that around 5 a.m. I’ll go back to bed and sleep until I smell the coffee that spouse is sure to brew in a few hours.  I’m going to feel like I’ve been bashed in the head, read this post and wonder WTF. 

And such are the ramblings of a noisy mind in the silent morning.

One thought on “It’s 3 a.m. It’s Quiet Everywhere, Except Inside My Head

  1. You need to get some rest. Turn off your brain tonight. Drink a bottle of wine or take a Ambien.


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