2017 — Part 1. Family, Friends & Heroes



When I look back upon this year, my heart finds hope in humanity because of my family, my friends, and the many heroes I met in 2017.

I talk about my family all the time. It’s a habit I cultivated since the birth of my first daughter, Ocean, followed by her sister, Dakota. They are both unique and breathtaking creatures who care about the world and are heroes of their own creation. It’s all a mother could ask, “Please let my children make a difference in the world?”

Never could I exclude the men in this family. Spouse is the “Wind Beneath my Wings.” Son-in-law, Randy, stands as a pillar of how to be a husband, father, and a positive member of the community.

And the grandchildren, Quinlan and Savannah. One word: WOW!

Family also includes those special ones connected to me by marriage, both familial, past and present. Some of us gathered and shared time in 2017, and most of us keep in constant touch, thanks to social media.

2017 brought in new friends, sealed the word “forever” with my long time BFFs, and taught me gratitude for these special relationships, both new and old.

This astounding assembly of talented, caring, fun-loving, thought-provoking and brave group of friends are inspirational beings with whom I am honored to share their moments in life. A few of you are famous, many are infamous, some are intellectuals, and others could give a crap. And that’s just how I like it. Some of you walk in spirit, some of you dance around the edges of risk. And that’s just how I like it. Most of you give and care. And that’s just how I like it.

I want to honor the heroes I’ve gotten to know this year through either writing my newspaper column, or writing for a local magazine, or from working directly with you in an effort to make this world a better place. Each of you heroes have warmed my soul when the cold wind of today’s news blasts daggers of ice into the world. Each of you showcase selflessness for the betterment of people, animals and the planet. You evoke awe. You each deserve a seat at the table of honor.

And now I watch 2017 fade into winter’s softened light. I grasp onto this hope for positive changes ahead. There is work to be done in 2018, and I believe that the greater good will take control because of this army of folks committed to being a force for good.

A tribute to all of you from Oly, my faithful camera that captured 2017 for me:

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