Prejean — A Tale of Sex and 1st Amendment Attack

11/13/09  Story update.  Ms. Prejean’s former boyfriend reported that 1) The solo happy hour that Ms. Prejean, age 22,  pictured for him took place when she was 20 not 17.  So much for the teenage hormone theory; and 2) There was more than one sex tape.   3) She encouraged him to stick with  her coloration, not the real facts.   He said, “…she’s not the girl she pretends to be.”  Another inappropriate statement.

The current changing facts to suits one’s needs fad, remains intact.  I guess it’s the new Christian way.


Once upon a time folks had two meanings for the word sex.  One) Genitalia –either girl or boy; Two) Genitalia stimulation—you know, whoopee.

Then there was the former President Bill Clinton who did “not have sex with that woman” because they did not share boy genitalia lurking within girl genitalia.  It was more like lips and cigars. 

I don’t know if this is when the act of sex changed definitions.

Meanwhile religious fundamentalists in America secured youthful promises of no pre-marital sex.  But hormonal-rampant teens found ways around that intercourse business—AND did not call it sex.

And then there was our former Miss California, Carrie Prejean , who during her hormonal rampant teen time, videotaped some solo sport which she “innocently” sent to her lonely boyfriend.  It wasn’t sex.  And one must also understand that because she’s a model, sexiness is her job. 

carrie-prejean-topless1Now I’m really confused.  I live in the six-oh-dear world, but I’m open- minded.  Come on, I’m a child of the Sixties!  So I could care less that Carrie shared a personal moment with her boyfriend.  I could care less that Carrie’s job is to be sexy.

But what I do care about are hypocritical statements about Christian and family values, and now even a claim that Ms. Prejean’s  freedom of speech is under attack.  My interpretation of our right to freedom of speech is that the government cannot step in and stifle my speech.  Did the government step in and try to stifle Ms. Prejean’s  speech because she spoke out against same sex marriage?  Did I miss something?

Yes, Ms. Prejean, who parades a family value’s chapeau, would never cross my radar if all the evidence as to her values were golden.  One doesn’t have to be a nun, who can claim “none,” to be the perfect values spokesperson.  However, once the tale is twisted with statements like you can call (my videotaped auto eroticism or my provocative booby shots) whatever you want…but conservative women are under attack.

Her exact quote, “”I was not having sex with anybody, and call it whatever you want to call it.”

At that point self stimulated barfing was in order.

The current crops of conservative women under the microscope are there because they made whoopee with their media attention.  Once one pulls the spotlight into one’s corner, be mindful that scrutiny is a wicked and relentless dog.   It may get you a book deal.  It may get you some lovely designer outfits.  It may get you some televised guest appearances.  It may get you into some A-list parties.  And it may get you into trouble.

In America, we don’t always agree with each other.  Sometimes we vociferously disagree—but don’t confuse that with an attack on freedom of speech 

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